MMPK opens in Field Maps, but can't access online basemap gallery.

02-05-2022 12:55 PM
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Am I missing something? I'd like to think I'm all over Field Maps, but have recently started playing around with MMPKs for the first time, and have noticed that in both FM and Explorer, you don't have the option to switch to the AGOL online basemap gallery.

While I understand that webmaps downloaded offline remove access to the online gallery, I'm surprised that the same is afforded to MMPKs, as we're able to reference online content with them.

Can anyone in the Field Maps development team provide a low level design explanation as to what's preventing "online" from passing through to "offline"?

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You would not be able to switch back to the basemap that was originally used for the MMPK.  There is not API to 'hydrate' the gallery with the basemap being used in the MMPK, so users would not be able to switch back to it, if they chose a different one.


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