Map Package for Offline Use Failing to Create

11-23-2021 08:51 AM
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I have been attempting to create some Map Packages for offline use in field maps. I have used the same process multiple times before and not had any issues. The base maps I am using are ones I created from imagery supplied to us. Using the same process, has worked for 5 other locations so far. After creating the map in AGOL and setting all setting for offline use I am attempting to create the offline map packages.

They are failing to create.

Following the instructions from;

What are the errors "exportTiles failed error - No tile exists for specified polygon"

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I have this same issue and was able to overcome it by removing Tile Caches outside the offline area. It seemed to be trying to download data from these layers but as there was no data it would cause the whole offline area to fail.

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