Lost Data - Field Maps - Max Record Count

04-04-2022 08:49 AM
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We have a hosted feature layer published from ArcMap 10.6 that has close to 6,000 records. It was a blank layer when it was published and over time our field crews have collected the records using Collector and now Field Maps.

Our field crews have claimed that they "lose data" at times where they say they collected the data, and when they want to review the next day, the points are missing.

This issue has occurred on another layer, hosted through the same process, with nearly the same amount of records.

I have checked all editing settings, and have performed some test point collection myself with no issues. Which leads me to the following conclusions:

1) the lost data is a result of user error

2) there is an issue with our "maxrecordcount". I have been reading up on this limitation "returning 1000" records and it can be modified through the feature service definition. Our record count statistics are as follows:

"maxrecordcount": 1000

"standardmaxrecordcount": 32000

"Standardmaxrecordcountnogeometry": 32000

"tilemaxrecordcount": 8000

Is there anyone out there who can lend a hand? if it is a "maxrecordcount" issue, will we continue to lose data if we are over the limit? We cannot continue to lose data and i cannot continue to claim user errors without examining all possibilities. Thank you.

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My initial hunch is it could be a combo of user error and the download limit. I've experienced something similar in the past, especially if users are downloading an area with more than 1000 records, but sometimes the records weren't in their extent and other times it was sync problems. You could try upping the count and see if that helps at all? I up most of ours to 5000-10000 to try and avoid this. 

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