Location Tracking for Leak Survey

01-06-2023 09:13 AM
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I used to use the now deprecated 'Tracker' for leak surveying a small natural gas system - I'm trying to configure Field Maps for the same purpose but am hitting a road block. I've got about 10 field users who all need to see each others tracks in close to real time in order not to duplicate leak survey routes. I did this by symbolizing tracks in a webmap based on users - I cannot seem to figure out how to add the tracks to a webmap and alter the symbols the way I used to. I do not want to make all the end users Administrators. 

Where do the 'tracks' live? How can I Add them to a webmap? 

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How were the tracks created in the first place?
My experience of Field Maps is that the data need to be created as a hosted feature layer which is then added to a web map and then added to Field Maps. Any styling can be carried out in the web map.

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They are being created by the 'Location Sharing' functionality  within fieldmaps. 


They dont appear in the webmap and they dont appear to be visible for other users in the organization. Each user can see only their own tracks only within fieldmaps. 

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Hello James,

You need to add the mobile users as track viewers to be able to view others tracks.  From the doc - https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/portal/latest/administer/windows/create-track-views.htm#ESRI_SECTIO...

Once the users are configured as viewers, they will be added to a group with the same name as the track view (in the image below, the track view was called "Justin's Tracks").  This group will have feature layer view that you can use to author your webmap as you mention above.



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