Location Profile App Configuration through MDM (Meraki)

01-13-2023 12:25 PM
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I am trying to push out a default location profile to my field staff's iPads through our Meraki. I was wondering if anyone has had success with this. I have set up settings within Meraki's app settings payload, and they look like this:



When users open up the app on their devices though, the location profile settings are still defaulted. Are these settings configured correctly, and do we need to do anything outside of setting these up to get the units to recognize these settings?

Link to Meraki's app settings payload and also Field Map's documentation on configuring this:

Using the Managed App Settings Payload - Cisco Meraki

Deploy your map—ArcGIS Field Maps | Documentation (Under the Mobile device management section)

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi @mattkramer ,

The location profile that you configure in the MDM actually needs to be set as a single key value pair. The key is "locationProfiles" and then the value is a list of the parameters for the location profile. So in your case the value would look like this:

[ { "name":"Default Profile", "mapCoordinateSystem":3857, "gnssCoordinateSystem": 6318, "horizontalDatumTransformationName": "~WGS_1984_(ITRF08)_To_NAD_1983_2011" } ]

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