Linear Referencing + 10.9.1

03-11-2022 03:53 PM
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We have Roads & Highways on 10.9.1, and want to test out editing workflows with Field Maps, directly against the LRS Network (Events layer). 

We are in the Early Adopter, but wanting to know if this is something that we should expect to work for the upcoming release and if there is any additional documentation about this anywhere?  Thanks

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@SimonGIS the new Find Measure action is planned for release during the week of March 21st and we will have supporting documentation when we go live. There is a topic available in the Early Adopter Program that provides information on how this capability works in the beta version and we will have supporting documentation when we release.

The Find Measure action will appear when you select a route feature (polyline with m-values) in your web map. This action does not require any additional settings from the Field Maps web app and should be supported with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1. I've replied in the EAP site as well. Let's communicate details in the EAP forum for any additional questions you may have!



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Would someone mind validating that the Roads and Highways ArcGIS Server Extension is needed to make linear referencing available in ArcGIS Field Maps?

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Hey @PaulLohr you have likely already answered this by now, but it has been confirmed the extension is not required. You can see it mentioned explicitly here in the blog post as well as in a forum reply.