Limits of default values in smart forms/templates

10-25-2021 05:58 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hey there,

I have a bit of trouble applying default values. It seems to me the easiest way is to apply default values in a feature template after creating a smart form. However, I do not always see the according opportunity when I am under feature template. Sometimes it doesnt show any fields under Properties under Default values. How come?

Furthermore, I wanted to ask about some limits of the default values:

- Is it possible to set today, resp. now, as a default value for a date/time field?

- is it possible to apply a default value but to always add one (+1) with every new feature you create? Meaning in the first form you are filling out you have a default value of 1, in the second form you are filling out you have a default value of 2? Maybe with an Arcade Expression?

- Is it possible to set a default of the value of the according field you inserted in the last form? Meaning, in the first form I insert value 220, and then it will take this value and save it as default for my next form? So long until I change than value?


Thanks for any help! Highly appreciated

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by Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User you may not be seeing fields under the Default Values section if you have templates which do not reference all the fields in your layer. Sometimes, depending on how your layer was created/published, templates may not reference all of the fields. We have an internal bug logged to show all the fields but it's relatively low priority so may not be addressed for a while.

We are doing some work to support calculated attribute values. These will be Arcade Expressions that are evaluated in the app. These should allow you to do most of the examples you listed. If you haven't joined the Early Adopter program for Field Maps, consider joining. You'll be notified when new features (like calculated values) are available for testing.

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