Integromat error: Field Maps to Microsoft 365

04-20-2023 09:38 AM
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I'm working on building an integration of ArcGIS Field Maps and Microsoft 365 Email. Basically, when a user adds a point to the feature layer, I want to receive an automated email. When I'm testing the scenario, everything runs fine until the Microsoft 365 icon throws the error:
"RuntimeError 404:
Resource could not be discovered."

I'm not sure how to configure this scenario that would result in no error. When I chose to ignore all errors, the email does not get executed.

I would greatly appreciate any advise or help on this matter!
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A few questions to help try to determine what might be happening.

Does the Microsoft 365 Email module work in any other scenario you have?

Is the ArcGIS Field Maps watch feature module running after a point is added to the layer?  In the scenario editor when you are testing, can you see the returned data?

What does your scenario look like?  Do you have other modules other than the Watch Features and MS 365 Email?


In the scenario below, I am sending an email for each feature that is deleted from a layer


The iterator, loops over the deleted features


And the MS 365 Email module is configured like below



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