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05-27-2022 08:36 AM
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We ask our field staff to constantly review updates and changes to the numerous webmaps they use in their daily activities. One common problem is that they often forget to switch back from STAGE to PROD when they are done testing. 

I am attempting to include the ?portalUrl= reference in URLs we provide them to open Field Maps on their iOS devices and to direct them to the correct Enterprise portal. However, it's not a seamless experience. If a user is already logged in  then instead of logging that user out and taking them directly to the portal specified in 'portalURL=' they're challenged by the below confirmation. 


This confuses many users and seems unnecessary. Is there a way to suppress this and/or some other parameter that can log a user out?

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This is by design and should only appear if the signed in portal URL is different from the one provided by the app link.

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Couldn't that message be more informative and appropriate? Something like: 

"You're signing out of NAME OF PORTAL. Ensure you have connectivity to be able to sign back in to this portal or others."

Again, users are associating this with an issue around cellular/wifi connectivity.