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How Do I Log Into Field Maps When Offline

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06-02-2022 06:36 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello all,

So I have a very specific use case for ArcGIS Field Maps. I can create the web maps and data I need collected/revisited within an ArcGIS Enterprise Portal on a secure network. When my field workers go to the field, they will be totally without any service. My fieldworkers should be able to access the Field Maps app while online and download the map for offline use before going out into the field. However, once there, how will they sign into the Portal to even begin using the downloaded map? Can they sign into their device and then, say after 3 days or more of travel without access to our network, will they be able to open the app on the device and still be logged in and ready to connect? If so, how long can they still be logged in for? They have to collect data for periods up to a month in some cases.

Thanks all!

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Hi @TroyGerhardt1,

> ... your reply makes me think there is a way to set the token expiration in AGOL. Is that something we can do? 

Apologies for the confusion. I believe this property can only be set with enterprise portals in ArcGIS Enterprise - but I am checking with the AGOL team. I will post an update if applicable. 

> ... can we know how log FM will stay logged in consistently so we could tell folks they have 2 weeks, or 30 days? 

Please take a look at this Esri Knowledgebase article, FAQ: What are some reasons that might cause a user to get signed out of Collector for ArcGIS when wo...

It seems to imply up to 90 days, but I have not personally tested myself. Even though it is written for ArcGIS Collector, it is still applicable for ArcGIS Field Maps.

Hope this helps,

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> ... FYI, ArcGIS Field Maps does not support signing into the app while being disconnected.

This is a bit of a serious critical issue with the app, that our users are not able to sign back in, if they get logged out due to unforeseen mishaps when offline.

We have field geologists on expeditions in remote areas of Greenland where there are no options to go back online until they are back in civilisation. Some of our users has experienced that they got logged out of the app due to either crashes of the phone or app or unforeseen mishaps with the app.

When they go 'offline' with their field app and downloaded maps, it is questionable why they then have to go 'online' in order to use the app. I know it is due to their profile credentials but it does not make sense that there are no way they can have either a token or offline credentials on the phone. This is something we can do with all other Esri products using a single user license from our licensing manager.


Christian Brogaard Pedersen
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It sounds like this is a design flaw in ArcGIS Online. Tokens should 1) warn you before they expire 2) should be able to be taken offline so if you get signed out, you can still access your offline content. 

We just had search and rescue teams get blocked out of Field Maps in a remote location even though they had downloaded offline areas. 

I hope the @ArcGISOnline team is working on addressing this and can comment below.