Field Maps Version 22.3.0 (Android) "Unable to open: cannot add null pointer to collection"

02-07-2023 06:43 AM
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When attempting to open a map in the field maps app, I receive the following error:

"Unable to open: cannot add null pointer to collection"


What would this be referring to?

The map includes editable feature layers with related records tables.  The pop ups are configured to display the related records (which was a new feature added recently to the new map viewer in ArcGIS Online).  I was trying out that new functionality for the popups in the map viewer and I don't know if this causes issues when opening the map in field maps.

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I have the same issue for a map with related records in popups. They were setup in the new Map Viewer. I am curious to find out a solution. 

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Another person on our team came up with this issue too. Are there any updates on this?

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We are having the same issue, but with Droid users. The maps open fine in IOS. Any updates would be appreciated.

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