Field Maps Sync Error - Version Management Server

12-22-2021 10:25 AM
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We have a number of feature services hosted on ArcGIS Server used in mobile workflows.  My org is in the process of moving to Field Maps from Collector, and we're running into some issues taking services offline.  These services are published from ArcGIS Pro and are configured for traditional versioning, but the server is trying to use the Version Management Capability and failing to create offline replicas.

My understanding is that the Version Management Capability is specific to branch versioning.  The option to enable it is greyed out on the feature class in Server Manager, so I do not understand why Field Maps (or ArcGIS Server?) is trying to hit this capability.  Has anyone else run into this issue?

Text of error message:
Unable to process request. Error handling schema request: java.lang.Exception: Server object extension 'versionmanagementserver' not found.

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Curious as well - I finally set up Monitor and these log warnings keep lighting up my Alerts.

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We too are receiving this error/warning on the server logs and are no longer able to take editable data offline. In Field Maps it allows us to add a new offline area and initiates the download, we can see the sync job succeeded on the admin site, and the logs in FMA indicate the job succeeded, but it sits at about 25% completion and then we can see in the server logs the extension not found from the service in question and the offline area never completes its downloaded. The last log in FMA is 'job started' with no other information. 

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Yes having this issue also, it is filling up our logs with the same error for our traditional versioned layers.  

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