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Field Maps sign in issues

05-03-2023 02:59 AM
Regular Contributor

We are receiving reports from some of our community users (volunteers) that they are unable to sign in to ArcGIS Field Maps on specific devices. Previously they had no issues. The reports so far are affecting some Samsung Galaxy Tablets. The issue appears to be that after providing their ArcGIS Online login credentials in Field Maps, they are diverted back to another sign in screen.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Once we have gathered some more information we will log a support case. 

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Esri Contributor

Hi @DataOfficer , sorry to hear that you are coming up against this issue. Have you tried to clear the cache/storage for the mobile app through the settings on the device being used? 

Perhaps a similar issue has been identified in the following community article which may help if there have been any messages about a certificate or untrusted certificate.

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MVP Esteemed Contributor

We have this a lot due to our auth methods and we have to log in twice every single time.  Often on the second attempt it lets them in.   Have you tried that?

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