Field Maps Map, Feature Layer, and Calculated Expression Duplication

11-28-2022 10:25 AM
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I am trying to set up some wetland delineation templates for our team but seem to have run into some issues. The goal is to create a template map with all needed feature classes within. These feature classes will have calculated expressions. We want to be able to duplicate these maps in their entirety for different sites, but don't want data to feed into the same table as the original template. Field maps offers ways to copy features and maps in a few ways, but none seem to fit our need. Copying the entire map, feature classes, expressions, and all seems to lead to the features in different maps being linked, while copying features and bringing them into a new map doesn't include calculated expressions. Is there a (hopefully simple) solution we are missing? 

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Either it all reads from the same data source or you create a unique data source for each location.  

Meaning for SiteA you have a feature class or set of feature classes for SiteA.

For SiteB you have a feature class or set of feature classes for SiteB

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