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Field Maps iOS Form Crashes When A User Submits the (+/-) Button

09-13-2021 10:36 AM
New Contributor II

Hi Everyone,

Our map has related point, polygon, and table layers. We also have several arcade expressions for conditional visibility on the form. 

The iOS app keeps crashing whenever a user inputs a + or - using the (+/-) button on the standard iPad or iPhone digital keyboard. I also tested this problem on a simplified form and the problem still persists. The app does not crash 100% of the time. 

We also are experiencing intermittent crashing when the user clicks the submit button, or selects from a radio button option. 

Has anybody else experienced this or something similar? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We've already put in a ticket with ESRI and they are working on replicating the problem. 

iPad Pro Version 14.7.1


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We have a similar set up with point layer and related tables and Arcade expressions, with intermittent crashing. When I remove the arcade expressions it doesn't crash.

iOS 15.6 and 15.6.1

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