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Field Maps form unable to display System fields (Editor Tracking)

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04-07-2022 01:28 PM
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I have various system fields such as {CREATED_USER}, {LAST_EDITED_USER} or {ESRIGNSS_RECEIVER} displaying in my webmaps popups. However I am unable to pull these fields into a Field Maps form for display only.

Are only editable fields permitted within a Field Maps form and not read-only fields? If so why am I allowed to bring in an editable field then uncheck "allow editing" to make it read-only, but am not allowed to include a read-only field such as {CREATED_USER}?

@BrentPierce ? @Anonymous User ? @JeffShaner ?

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Esri Regular Contributor

@ahargreaves_FW this is in our backlog to address but will not be part of the Summer, 2022 release later this month.

It is something we're considering for the Fall release.


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