Field Maps Crashing on launching - IOS

02-25-2021 05:08 AM
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We have multiple users reporting Field Maps 20.2.1 crashes on opening the application, we can't pin down the issue. It could be due to the recent iOS 14.4 release, it seems to have started around this time. Has anyone else seen these issues?

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I am also experiencing crashing Field Maps for Android 20.2.0. It seems to be occurring when editing a collected feature.

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We are seeing this, and we can't pinpoint when it happens either.. 

iOS version: 14.6
Fully supervised by Apple Business Manager / Meraki Systems Manager MDM, and app deployed with device licensing.

User comes to me saying the app no longer opens -- Taps on the app on the home screen, brings up the Field Maps splash screen for a split second, then back to the home screen.

My only fixes have been to initiate and uninstall from the MDM, then a reinstall. 

This is cumbersome as it requires this manual intervention on my part, and the user needs to reconnect to VPN and download their offline map again.

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