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Feature class in field maps, related table and survey123

06-01-2023 06:04 AM
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Hi there, 

Trying to figure out if the logic behind what I want to do checks out or not.

- I have a feature class (a polygon to be specific) that I want to be open in field maps. So the user opens field maps, creates a new polygon, records a few questions and saves the new polygon.

- Second step would be that the user selects the feature he just created and a hyperlink to survey123 appears.

-User opens survey123 with the field he recorded using field maps already populated in the form which will contain additional information relevant for that polygon preciously created and it is saved on a table that is related to the original polygon.

So my logic tells me to do the following:

-Create feature class in pro with the fields I want to be populated each time a user creates a new polygon.

-Create a table, which will have the additional fields that the user will populate using survey123.

-Create a relationship 1:M (globalID and guid)

- Publish both to my enterprise.

-Create a survey123 form - here comes my first doubt, how do I create a form using a table? it can only be done using a feature class( as I do not want the survey123 form to be hosted)

- I would want that every time a new survey123 record is saved, it populates the related table using some of the existing attributes from the polygon layer.

Does it make sense, can someone help???


Thanks a lot in advance

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