Export GPS Data for Post-Processing

05-27-2021 09:59 AM
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Has anyone used ArcGIS Field Maps to do high-accuracy data collection with a receiver? It sounds like the information for post-processing GPS data is collected but not supported in the app itself.

I'm just curious if anyone has a workflow they would recommend if they have been using Field Maps with a GNSS receiver. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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Can you elaborate on your question regarding post-processing GPS data? In the link you posted it takes you through all the steps to pair a GNSS receiver and if you Prepare your data to record GPS metadata
you'll have the GPS data contained in those fields. 
Then you use whatever software you use to post-process if you need that level of accuracy.

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Thank you for the reply! I'm looking specifically at the Differential Corrections section of the article - it mentions that Field Maps stores the information for post-processing but does not directly support it. I'm trying to figure out exactly what type of data or files Field Maps is storing for post-processing (for example, some GPS software stores an RINEX file). 

I suspect I would have to use another software like GPS Pathfinder or RTKLib, but I think that software looks for specific files beyond just the shapefiles or geodatabase. This GIS Stack Exchange post is probably similar to what I need to do. 

Thank you again!

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I chatted with ESRI on this and got an answer! In general, when ESRI in the article refers to post-processing, they are referring to traditional geoprocessing.

Field Maps only stores shapefiles, geodatabases, feature services, etc - but not the information that would be usually needed to post-process GPS data after collection in the field. So unfortunately - GPS data gathered with Field Maps can't be post-processed into some else (like GPS Pathfinder, for example). 

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@SaraJLD many GPS receivers support capturing session logs, such that if capture those as well you'd have the necessary information to post-process when combined with the point features with GPS metadata.  Note, currently there aren't any facilities for capturing this metadata on lines or polygon features.

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