Export GPS Data for Post-Processing

05-27-2021 09:59 AM
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Has anyone used ArcGIS Field Maps to do high-accuracy data collection with a receiver? It sounds like the information for post-processing GPS data is collected but not supported in the app itself.

I'm just curious if anyone has a workflow they would recommend if they have been using Field Maps with a GNSS receiver. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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Can you elaborate on your question regarding post-processing GPS data? In the link you posted it takes you through all the steps to pair a GNSS receiver and if you Prepare your data to record GPS metadata
you'll have the GPS data contained in those fields. 
Then you use whatever software you use to post-process if you need that level of accuracy.

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Thank you for the reply! I'm looking specifically at the Differential Corrections section of the article - it mentions that Field Maps stores the information for post-processing but does not directly support it. I'm trying to figure out exactly what type of data or files Field Maps is storing for post-processing (for example, some GPS software stores an RINEX file). 

I suspect I would have to use another software like GPS Pathfinder or RTKLib, but I think that software looks for specific files beyond just the shapefiles or geodatabase. This GIS Stack Exchange post is probably similar to what I need to do. 

Thank you again!

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I chatted with ESRI on this and got an answer! In general, when ESRI in the article refers to post-processing, they are referring to traditional geoprocessing.

Field Maps only stores shapefiles, geodatabases, feature services, etc - but not the information that would be usually needed to post-process GPS data after collection in the field. So unfortunately - GPS data gathered with Field Maps can't be post-processed into some else (like GPS Pathfinder, for example). 

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@SaraJLD many GPS receivers support capturing session logs, such that if capture those as well you'd have the necessary information to post-process when combined with the point features with GPS metadata.  Note, currently there aren't any facilities for capturing this metadata on lines or polygon features.

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My organization is very interested in a streamlined GNSS differential correction post-processing solution to the Field Maps workflow. Currently it doesn't seem like there is one. It is a significant weakness to the Field Maps offline workflow when requiring mapping or survey grade accuracy and at this point requires us to use Trimble or Leica workflows complicating data collection for our users.