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02-04-2021 12:15 PM
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In efforts to switch to Field Maps and away from Collector and Explorer, I am trying to move my Explorer Markups to Field Maps.  I took the following steps and was unable to successfully transfer the markup.  Please note, this effort was made to share within the same device.  I was using iPad Air 4th gen with 14.3 software version.  

  • All apps on device cleared
  • In explorer edit the desired markup to move
  • Click share
  • Click Share Markup
  • Click Field Maps
  • Explorer Opens and Shows Error

"Error Importing Markup The operation couldn't be completed. (Markup.MarkupCollection.Error error 0.)"

Is there a way to transfer within the same device? 


1-Explorer edit markup.PNG

2-Explorer share markup.PNG

3-Explorer share markup with Field Maps.PNG

4-Field Maps Error.PNG

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Work Around: I did successfully airdrop to my iPhone into Field Maps.  From that point I was able to successfully airdrop from the iPhone to the iPad into Field Maps.

Field Maps AirDrop Options.PNG

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