Disable access to editable webmap for field workers

02-22-2023 07:17 PM
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Hello All!

We have a lot of field workers, who works with field maps mobile app. We have noticed that some of them sign in to the portal and edite layers inside webmap (which was created for field maps) and they can do it directly from an office instead go to fields. The best solution for us would be to disable essential portal apps. But unfortunatelly, as i understand, it's not possible to disable these apps for field worker user type. 

I know that we can enable location sharing option and analyze the data but it woude be great to apply preventive methods.

We'd love to hear of any ideas!

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If you make a map or layer available and editable, you don't really get to control the means by which the editing is done, unfortunately. Your staff could just post edits to the REST endpoint if they wanted to. I don't know that there's a simple technological solution to a staff problem like this.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS