Direction of Photo Attachment

01-10-2023 10:58 AM
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I have points created in Field Maps with a photo attachment, I'd like to be able to display the direction the photo is pointing to.  Preferably with an arrow or any sort of 'pointing' symbol.  Is there a way to do this?  The plan is to have these points and photo directions displaying within ArcPro.

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I think it depends on if your images have direction data in the EXIF info. There is a GPSImgDirection tag in the EXIF specification under the GPS section, but this does not guarantee that it will actually be available on your images (that depends on the camera used to take the photos - it needs to have the necessary sensors and save that data to the EXIF tags.)


If you do have that EXIF data though, you could theoretically extract the GPSImgDirection, add that to a field on a layer, and use that to set symbol rotation.


See EXIF tag info here: (search for Exif.GPSInfo.GPSImgDirection)

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I did this using the oriented imagery toolboxes. They were a bit of a pain to setup since it is an exe that I add to get approved (just make it a zip) and it installs to the root of C (that is way out of style).  You have to run the tools then it creates viewshed cones features.  Then you have to publish this as a layer.  So of course it is always out of date. 

If there is another way I would love to hear it.  I would be nice to be dynamic vs running tools and creating layers all the time.  But this is the way a lot of things are.





I would like to use the OI App but been really struggling to get it to work.  Like a lot if these new tools it is really only about 80-90% there and takes a lot of hoop jumping.



Hope that helps

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Oh and I forgot if you have a simple form take a look at QuickCapture it does all of this for you. 

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If you need this to happen at runtime (as the data is collected in Field Maps) then I'm afraid there is no pleasant way to do this at the moment in Field Maps itself... at least not without human interaction. 

If the hope is get this info from the exif data of the photo then one of the issues to overcome would be what to do if there is more than one photo attached by the user. There is no mechanism to get exif data from an attachment that hasn't been committed to the datastore yet.

We achieve this currently by asking the user for the orientation as input.  They are required to use an app that stamps the orientation (e.g. Solocator, Theodolite, etc.)  so that orientation is evident.  The user attaches it the photo then indicates the orientation.  The symbology is configured such that the the orientation of the point features chevron points in the direction based on that field.  The field is a "double" type with a range domain from 0 to 359.9.

- Justin Reynolds, PE