Deleted Table Records appear in Dashboard and Web Map

12-01-2022 08:54 AM
New Contributor

I have a dashboard set up using a secure REST service saved with credentials to AGO containing point data and a related table. My widgets are built around the related table to reflect inspection work that is being completed through a Field Map. During development, test records were created in order to test functionality. Now that the application is working properly, the test records have been deleted from the database table. I assumed the records would be removed in AGO as well and when viewing the table in the web map or dashboard, they have been.

BUT.. my widgets are still calling values from the Inspector field of the table that no longer exist on the database side, and even have counts for the number of records per inspector. In the web map I have the pop-up configured to show the number of related table records for each point feature, which still contains a positive count on features used for testing even though the table does not have any available records. Any suggestions on how to remove the extra data?

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