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07-16-2021 04:35 AM
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HI there,

I am very new to Field Maps and still feeling my way around so please bear that in mind.

We are attempting to replace paper forms with a Field Maps application for the collection of count and location data on seals.  The form is also used to collect environmental data during the monitoring.  Counts are made at locations at 1 hour periods from LW-2 to LW+2 so five counts at each location.

A feature class was created in ArcGIS Pro with point location data from previous counts as seals tend to show some site fidelity.  Each point was assigned a code based on location (400 points from south to north on the west coast).  The attribute table was populated with attributes and domains to generate the appropriate smart form in Field Maps.  A similar feature class was created for 'new' count locations.  We would like to see whether seal range within a specified area expanding or contracting.

I have been testing the application over the last few days but can't really find a way of collecting data that works for us.  I have quite probably done something incorrect in the creation but I am unsure how to proceed

I have tried edit at the coded point but this overwrites previous entries and is not visible in exports excel tables. 

Clicking on a coded point and selecting "collect here" creates a record fine but it is not linked to the point except by geographic co-ordinates.  In the exported excel the only way to tell where the record was created is to filter by co-ordinates.  

There must be a better method.  Is there a way for the newly created record to keep the same code as the location where it is being collected?  


That is probably quite confusing but perhaps some one can help.





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