Creating/Syncing map for Field Maps while completely offline

03-23-2021 05:23 PM
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I conduct field work in a very remote environment so I'm trying to create a Field Maps app that can be completely offline. I want users to be able to collect data, share data, and update maps without an internet connection. We normally have local wifi to upload documents to our shared server, but it's not actually connected to the Internet so we cannot utilize ArcOnline or anything else to be updating the map. Instead, I want to use ArcPro to compile the data collected in the field, update a new map for users, and have them download it onto their phone. Is this even possible? 

I've read everything I can find about using Field Maps offline, and everything seems to point to needing an internet connection to sync. But before I completely give up on FieldMaps, I wanted to see if anyone out there might have a solution. 

Thank you! 

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The only alternative I can see is to set up ArcGIS Enterprise on your local network and share data using that connect off line. But if you can share with Enterprise is that really "offline"? ArcGIS Pro is a client to services, not a server.

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Thank you! I'll look into ArcGIS Enterprise and talk to IT to see if that's even something that would be feasible in the field. 

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You can copy off the GDB to get anything collected.


But getting it on there not sure.  May be able to do this in reverse?

I am working with the 123 team to do this for 123.

Hope that helps

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Interesting. I'm not sure we could do it in reverse, but definitely something to look into. 

It's awesome that you're working with the 123 team about this so this might be a feature available in the future. 

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