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Create random point in Field Maps

06-20-2023 11:51 AM
New Contributor II

Does anyone have a solution to generate a new random point from the Field Maps app, similar to the Create Random Points geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro?

Ideally, this could be done by either selecting a map radius or a constraining feature class. It would also need to work offline with an Offline Map Area.

I am not yet familiar with the Field Maps designer-arcpy interface--is that a path forward?

Context: This is for an environmental study where a sample point may not be reachable and the field team needs to quickly generate a new, unbiased sample point while in the field. 

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New Contributor II

I'm not very familiar with your use case but if you have a feature class with defined areas it sounds like you might be able to fulfill this with an arcade expression in the popup for that layer. 

Something like looping through a constraining polygon's geometry to find the extent and then using those values as the upper and lower limits for a random xy coordinate pair. Then that could theoretically be passed as the geometry parameter for a 'new sample point' url. 

Depending on if your users would need to create an actual point feature or if they just need a location marked, these should be offline compatible and fairly doable. 

Hope this is helpful - good luck!

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