Copy and paste table from Word to Field Maps text pop-up - Why is it changing the spacing?

05-09-2021 02:46 AM
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Hi Field Mappers,

I've created a table in Word and want to paste it as is into a Field Maps pop-up. When I put it in the pop-up, it changes the line and paragraph spacing. Other than taking a screenshot in word and then inputting it as an image in the pop-up, does anyone know how to actually prevent it, so I can copy and paste from word and keep the same formatting?

I've also noticed, the border of the table doesn't show up. Not a huge issue, but if anyone knows how to make it appear in the Field Maps pop-up, keen to know.

What I want it to look like. VVV


What it looks like when I paste it into the Field Maps pop-up (using the text option) VVV



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