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Control create vs update in Field Maps Configuration?

04-30-2024 02:59 PM
New Contributor III

I have a feature layer that is going to be created in one field map with half the fields filled out and then in a different field map the rest of the fields will be filled out. In the second map, I'd like to make it so they can fill out the attributes but not have the feature show up to be created with the + button, or be able to be deleted. Is it possible to do that without creating a layer view? In Map Viewer Classic I could remove the create feature template.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @JakeJacobsAVA . Editing is controlled at the layer level, so if you turn off the ability to add new features and/or delete features it would persist in all your maps. If you need different editing functionality for different users, you will need to create different views/maps for those users. 

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