Contingent Values not showing up on Android Devices

05-16-2022 05:50 AM
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Hi all!

I have a project with contingent values created. It is set so when users choose a state park, management zones within that state park are shown. My contingent values work when I use it on my personal IOS device, but when I am using our companies TDC 600 (Android) device, the values do not show up the same. Also when using the app on Android the survey crashes whenever the management zone or the state park field is selected.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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What are you operating from Portal (Enterprise) or AGOL

When you go back to the configuration for the Web Map are the contingents gone?


It appears to be an unfortunate truth that iOS devices are the supported devices for ESRI Mobile apps. They work on others but better on iOS.  We had a number of issues in the past where a mobile app for Collector would look and act dramatically different on Android. 

For Collector there is Collector and Collector Classic.

Go into Google Play and see if you can get an update.  There is also on there Field Maps Beta which appears to have been release on May 4th. 

There also may be an issue with the Android OS on their devices may be to old.  

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