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Conditional visibility in Field Maps Forms removes data when cycling through conditions

03-18-2022 09:59 AM
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I am using a Field Maps Form to schedule multiple phases of a concrete project. There are three domain items (Foundation, Flatwork, Curbs) in the Phase (concrete) field. Each domain then has a conditional visibility filter that shows the scheduled 'status' and 'start/finish date'. However, if I switch the domain item the conditional visibility removes the status and date data entered. This is true even if the data has been submitted. 

Because the domain items are sequential, my solution has been to just make it so the conditional visibility items are added to the form using Arcade expressions- by this I mean that for the final item (Curbs) you see the status and Start/End date fields for all three domain items. That works but you can imagine that if I had more than three items (which I will in the future) this gets to be too many items on a form.

Any ideas on how to  entered data while cycling through multiple domain items? A similar question was posed here. Thanks.

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