Cannot take a vector tile layer offline

02-23-2022 12:57 AM
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As it is not possible to use a basemap as a combination of tile layers and vector tiles layers (cf. my idea posted), I tried to add my vector tile layer as an operational layer. It works fine online and I can take it offline as my vector tiles layers is configured for offline use, but when opening the map, the vector tile layer is not working and the following error is loggued:

"Domaine: com.esri.runtime.error

Code: 7003

Description: Invalid request response."


All my layers are configured for offline use and I can download it. Could it be a bug or is it just unsupported ? Reading the documentation, I could not find anything against this workflow:


Thanks !



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Just to add that debugging with Fiddler shows that everything seems to be working smoothly:

- VectorTileServer/exportTiles is called

- geoprocessing job succeed: a link to vtpk file returned and then downloaded.

I guess it's not expected by Field Maps to use a vtpk vas "operational" layers rather than basemap but why not ?!

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This can work... for example I made a map with Esri imagery as a basemap.   I then added an operational layer which is the Esri Navigation basemap service.



When I create a pre-planned map or take it offline on demand in field maps, the Navigation Map (vector tile) is an operational layer that I can toggle on and off, to see Imagery basemap.


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