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Cannot edit data on FieldMap app

07-21-2022 03:31 PM
New Contributor

We currently have several feature layers on a web map for users to add/edit data using FieldMap app on their ipads. All layers are shared among the organization (i.e. our users have access to it) with edits enabled in the settings. While users were able to add data features, once data are submitted they show up on the map but we (users, owner, administrators) were not able to view details or edit them on the FieldMap App on some of the layers (but not all). We are still able to edit data in MapViewer, etc, but we will need the ability edit them on their FieldMap App. 

Does it have anything to do with how the layers were created? I found that it's happening to the layers that were grouped together (see screenshot), but not sure what other settings I need to adjust. Any help and tips would be appreciated! 

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