Can you use a Calculated Expression on a Hidden Field?

04-13-2022 02:21 PM
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I am trying to use arcade calculations to auto-populate a field. I do not receive an error, however the field is not being set in the table. If I remove the conditional visibility from the field, the value is populated. Is that a known limitation?

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Hi Jessica, I am doing a similar thing. It looked to work for me, however I've been having issues with other field calculations I've been running. Some days they work, other days they don't. It's inconsistent. I'll watch your thread to see what comes up. Thanks for posting about this.

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Pay attention to "when" the field is being hidden.

if there is data in the field, and you hide it in the mobile app, it will reset any data to null.

In the Map Viewer, hiding the field does not null the values.

Not sure if this is the issue, but might explain the inconsistency.



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In my case, it is never set to being visible. I have a notes field that has to equal a series of characters for the field to become visible.

I wish there was just a checkbox to hide the the field instead of having to use the conditional visibility. It seems a little "hacky" haha.

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I could use this functionality as well. I think the idea of having a "Hidden" button would work fine. Then you could still keep the functionality of re-setting values to null when the conditional visibility isn't met (to avoid breaking current forms)

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They have added this functionality (at least to some degree) in AGOL.


Unselect any group or field and scroll to form settings at the bottom right corner.  It is an all or nothing form level setting.




- Justin Reynolds, PE
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