can I set my national projection basemap and remove WGS84 webmaps from user's access?

07-23-2021 06:50 AM
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Hi all,

My project data is all in BNG projection so I want to use basemaps with BNG projection.

so 1) Can I add my own basemap ?

2) Can I disable default available basemaps from user access?

Thank You.

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You can definitely add your own basemap in British National Grid.

There are some online ones available from ordnance survey and esriuk which are online only, which you can save as a web map, share with your basemap group for your organisation and then set that basemap group as your default basemap gallery for the organisation. 

Aso, you can share a tile service from Pro from your own raster data, so long as the BNG CRS is defined in your map before sharing. 

When you set up a web map in your local CRS (the basemap defines the CRS at creation) only default basemaps in your basemap gallery with BNG CRS will be visible as basemap options in field maps.

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Thanks David. I will try it and confirm.

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