Branch Versioning/Field Maps Offline: Edits Appearing in Versions Days Later?

02-22-2024 07:46 AM
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We're encountering a strange situation and I wonder if anyone else has encountered this and solved it. We are on enterprise 10.9.1 and using Field Maps offline for our crews to collect and edit data in the field. They follow a process of: downloading an offline area for each day, making edits, syncing at the end of the day, and deleting their offline areas after a successful sync. They swear that they are following this workflow perfectly, but edits are appearing in versions that are several days old from the day they were created (eg: version created 10/1, edits moved up 10/2, version checked on 10/4 and it has edits again from 10/1).

Has anyone else experienced this? We go through and delete replicas roughly once a month. 


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