Arcade expression errors

08-10-2021 05:24 PM
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Hello all, 


I am not sure if this error happens due to using Field Maps or just an error in the map. I hope to get some advice.


My arcade expression that opens Survey123 does not seem to work once in a while. - it's very random. it sometimes happens for more than 5 min whenever I click the points, or sometimes I click for 10 min and no errors observed.


Once I create a point in the map, it grabs the nearest address point and use this information to build survey123 url. It will show as a link.


Most of the time, it shows the link as expected, but if I click again, it may show an error like the second image. While I was demoing this to someone else, the person kept getting errors but I did not when we clicked the same point.


Any clue what cause this error? 

For some information, I used 'Classic map viewer' and Field Maps app version 21.2.1 on the iOS device.








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I get the same error and it seems to relate to an arcade expression.

It's funny, because if I open up the same map in Collector, I don't get the error and the expression works....

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