More options to sync data

04-22-2021 05:06 AM
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I would like to see more option for syncing (gps) data. Currently there is no option to adjust the syncing process (normally 10minutes and with powerbank 1minute).

So, I would like to have a setting for the frequency (in seconds or minutes)

And I would like to have a button for instant syncing.



Collin Kleiboer


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I am looking for the same functionality, but to do the opposite. I need to decrease the frequency of automatic syncs/refreshes, as users are frequently out of service for long periods of time. Recurring sync/update failure messages are frustrating when users are not manually running a sync/update. 

I would like to see this control added to the Field Maps Web App settings page. The new ability to set default collection settings on a map-by-map basis through that settings page is a good model. It would be great to have that same level of granular control over sync/update frequencies (including instant and manual only/disabled). 

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You are referring to how frequently tracks and last known locations are uploaded to the server, correct? If you deploy Field Maps via an MDM/UEM you can set both of these frequencies. You can read about it here. Would that work? If not, are you looking for an in-app setting to control these?

Can you expand on why you'd like a button to trigger a track upload?


@Anonymous User 

The "trackingUploadTracksFrequency" in MDM config is what I'm looking for, but
the user also needs to be able to change that frequency. Therefore I want to have an in-app setting for this.


Regarding the sync-button:

I want to have more control over the syncing of the tracks.
Sometimes it's not clear how long it will take to start syncing the tracks. When will it start? It could take up to 10 minutes or longer. Currently the user has no options to speed up the process, to say 'sync now, please'.
Therefore I want a sync button to be able to immediately sync the tracks.



We, at LaLiga, want more control over the sync options as well.

Sometimes sync between Field Maps (mobile) and Tracker Viewer (web) isn't great. 

I'm missing the 'Upload now' functionality that was available in the Profile of the former Tracker.

Please consider including this button.



I agree this is a much needed functionality in the App ('Upload now').

Is there any chance that this would be included in the March updates to ArcGIS Field Maps?