More options to save gps data

04-22-2021 05:15 AM
Status: Implemented
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I would like to see more options to capture the gps data (points).

Currently (when walking) only each 5 meters a point will be captured. In our case this is not sufficient.

So, I would like to be able to change that:

in a time frequency (like every x seconds capture a point)


a distance frequency (like every x meter capture a point).



Collin Kleiboer



I agree, it would be nice to have more control over the location tracking behaviour in FMA. The current 5 meter resolution (when walking) is not sufficient for our solution.

In Collector an updateInterval was supported in the WebMap option for locationTracking, see:

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@CollinKleiboerto clarify, you are referring to the location tracking capabilities of Field Maps correct?

We introduced a way to turn off the batter optimization tracking mode on iOS a few months ago and it's coming to Android in a couple weeks. When this in-app toggle is off, points are captured every 1 meter and the collection is independent of any activity detection. Does this meet your requirements?


Hi Aaron (@AaronPulver),

Thank you for your message.

I think we can use this feature quite well. It's not as luxurious as I proposed, but it will definitely help us getting more 'dense' tracks.

So thank you and keep me posted when it's available for Android, please.


Collin Kleiboer

Status changed to: Implemented

This is now available as an in-app setting called Battery Optimization on Field Maps Android and iOS 21.4. When you turn this off, points are collected independent of activity changes at a 1 meter interval.