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Latest ArcGIS Field Maps Resources

04-29-2021 02:17 PM
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This document provides a list of product resources created by the Field Maps team. We are constantly adding new content so please check our Resources page for updates. The list below is current as of April 29th, 2021.


There is a new ArcGIS Field Maps playlist on YouTube you can subscribe to. There are 10 videos available now with more coming soon:

Blog Articles

Here is a link to all ArcGIS Field Maps blog articles that are sorted by date so you can easily find the most recent blog. Here are blogs organized by category.

Release Announcements:

Discovery and Migration:

Data Collection Series:

Location Tracking:


Discovery Path/Learn Lessons

We have started down the path of writing new learn lessons that fuel getting started with Field Maps. Our initial path is focused on data collection workflows but look for many more to come in 2021.


Guides are downloadable PDF's that focus on a topic of interest. Migrating to ArcGIS Field Maps from Explorer, Collector or Tracker can be daunting and the migration guide can prove useful when looking for specific functionality. The offline guide provides all the detail and links to topics on making the most of your outdoors experience void of internet connectivity.

Help Documentation Site

The detailed content of the ArcGIS Field Maps documentation website is a must link-to. We’ve added some new and notable topics with the December update that are worth looking at.

  • Prepare maps for indoor use - did you know that Field Maps works great with the maps you construct using ArcGIS Indoors?
  • Configure the map - a one-stop destination for all things you need to know about configuring and deploying ArcGIS Field Maps
  • Configure map settings – new for the April 2021 release, learn how to simplify map deployments by configuring map settings.
  • Configure the form - all the detail you need to reference when getting started with smart forms.

Case Studies/Success Stories

With Field Maps launching in November of this year, we are actively searching for case studies and success stories that we can write, publish or record so others can learn from your successes. Please email and let’s connect!



Enroll in a 2 day (16 hour), instructor-led training that includes ArcGIS Field Maps as well as many other products:


We currently have a couple of surveys that are open and would love your feedback:

  • Android device survey – if you are deploying Android devices within your organization, please fill out this survey and let us know what devices you are using. This survey will close on May 30th, 2021.
  • Learning resources survey – we want to ensure that you have all the resources you need to be successful in learning how to use mobile apps. This survey will close on July 20th.
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