ArcGIS Field Maps Update (December 2020)

12-09-2020 10:52 AM
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We just released a new update to ArcGIS Field Maps! Map viewing, data collection, asset inspection, and location tracking are all available in one app!

- New ArcGIS Smart Forms capabilities
- iOS Dark Mode
- Apple Watch support
- Tracking for a duration of time
- Start tracking using your voice with Google Assistant (when using an Android device)
- Many quality improvements as well.

Read this article on the ArcGIS Blog site to read about the release highlights!


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I am running Field Maps side by side with ArcGIS Collector - both on-line and off-line, on IOS and Android (to double check no issues). We have approx. 60 field staff sharing the same feature layer  - so good to have a new release that is reliable, thank you.  Our plan is to switch over from ArcGIS Collector app to Field Maps app at the start of our next financial year, 1st July 2021.

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That's great to hear @SteveTaylor6! Thank you for the confirmation that Field Maps is supporting your data collection needs. Hopefully you can take advantage of the new capabilities Field Maps can bring to your field workflows (like smart forms) next year.

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Dark mode is great news for us as some fieldworkers need to use some apps during nighttime and they complain about losing nightvision when the screen lights up.

An Apple watch may be even a greater opportunity. Can I only enable and disable tracking using the watch or is the app fully functional; eg. can I enter/edit points and so on. Last question, is any Apple watch compatible or does it need certain specs? Do you have a list of applewatches that will work?



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Hi @BertKraan1  - thanks for your feedback. 

We are relatively new into supporting the Apple Watch. We added support for tracking into ArcGIS Tracker due to specific customer asks and brought that forward within Field Maps. 

We document the requirements for watch here, and require WatchOS 6 or higher:

Would really like to gather feedback on what you feel would be useful to do on the watch. Some of our team ideas include:

- Display of compass bearing and direction when using the compass tool
- Start/Stop streaming when capturing line and polygon shapes
- Display of GPS information (what is inside of the GPS banner today)
- View/Change working status when Workforce is added to Field Maps

Let us know what you would like to see and how you feel it could benefit your workflows. We want to make sure to focus on purposeful enhancements.

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Hi Jeff, a legacy bug from Collector on Android is also on Field Maps. 'Untrusted host'. See attached.

Only fix is back key on phone or use offline maps.

Please fix asap.

Screenshot_20201222-164554_Field Maps.jpg




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@SteveTaylor6 can you please submit this to Esri Support so that we can get a repro case with you?  Thanks!

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Hi @JeffShaner 


Are there any plans for the iOS version of Field Maps to be usable on the new M1 MacBooks?

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