Working online and offline in same map (Explorer)

01-22-2021 02:40 AM
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In the ArcGIS Explorer app I have several maps which are enabled for downloading offline areas. Users can download offline areas without any problems. However, if they return to an area where they are able to work online, they are only able to view the downloaded (offline) portions of the map. These maps are shown in the map list with the Offline area subtext beneath the map title.
Is there a way for a single map to be used online and with offline areas downloaded at the same time? At the moment, it seems a user would have to remove all of their offline areas in order to regain access to the full online map. This is not a great workflow as the user would need to keep downloading and removing offline areas depending on their work that day.
The only other workflow I can envisage is to have two identical webmaps - one for offline download use and the other always kept without any offline areas for online use.

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