Styling of actions menu and default attributes for custom attribute display (Explorer iOS)

06-09-2020 05:44 PM
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I'm trying to replicate the actions menu and default layer attributes styling in Explorer (iOS version) but am struggling to get debugging tools to work or get access to the styling components for the app.

The exact sections I'm looking for info on are in the red boxes below. We'd like a similar look and feel for the 'Add a defect' and 'View in Matai' custom links:

Explorer for ArcGIS actions menu

A more common one is to replicate the default styling for any layers' attributes:

Explorer for ArcGIS layer attributes

In the WebMap I can see the pop up details with Dev Tools running to see there are custom classes in use, which is incredibly useful.

Web Map popup HTML

And the computed spacing:

Web Map popup spacing

Thanks in advance

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