Secured layers not showing

06-11-2018 11:58 AM
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Our GIS has layers served on our GIS server that are password protected.  Before the latest update, the app would prompt for the username and password.  I entered them and it would then always show the layers without prompting.  After the update, the map won't show the layers and they only indicate that a sign-in is required.  I can't find any way to sign in to see the layers.

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Hey Rick Kiersey‌, a couple questions so I can help determine what you're running into. Which platform are you on (iOS / Android)? Is your server federated with a Portal? How are you authenticating with the server (Built-in user, IWA, SAML)?

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The users are on both IOS and Android.  The problem has affected both.  My server is not federated with a portal.  The services require built-in user authentication and are served on ArcGIS online.  I have found that if I log into the app with my ArcGIS online user account, it requests the username and password for the services.  My other users do not have online accounts, so they can't log into the services.