Install Explorer for all users on device?

02-21-2020 09:58 AM
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Is there a way to install the Explorer app for all users on a Windows 10 PC? The default install is specific to a user profile. We would like to replace ArcReader with Explorer to act as our last resort offline GIS backup in the event of an emergency on our Emergency Operations Center PC. However, there is no way to know who will be logged into that PC in an emergency, so it would need to be installed for anyone logged into that PC. ArcReader worked well for this, but we're being pushed towards Explorer to replace Reader and we've hit this snag...

Thanks, Gavin

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I realize this is an old post, but have been fighting this issue lately myself, especially since ArcReader doesn't play well with touch screens.

Turns out, if you install the Desktop App (windows 10) as a provisioned app, it will be available for all users that log onto the computer: sideload provisioned app 

If all your maps are online, this works well.  If, however, you are trying for an offline option with sideloaded mmpk/tpk's available to all users, that takes more work, but is doable.

Hope this helps if you haven't figured out a solution yet.

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