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In pop-up window, the picture isn't displayed - Desktop

12-14-2022 12:49 AM
New Contributor II

I checked the behavior of importing a mobile map package in ArcGIS Explorer.

A picture is not displayed that I input the absolute pass in 'Configure Pop-ups'  in ArcGIS Pro.
This behavior is not relied on the data.

(Reproduced Steps)
ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3

1.Make a point feature class of a file geodatabase.
2.In Contents panel, Click > Configure Pop-ups > Image > Edit Pop-ups
3.Input a pass to a picture to 'URL' and 'Hyperlink'.
4.Create a Mobile Map package.

ArcGIS Explorer 21.0.2 Build 670
1.Import a Map
2.Click a point > Media
3.The message 'picture is not able to imported'.

Thank you in any advice.

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