SARX 1.3 now available

09-17-2015 03:10 PM
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I'm pleased to announce that version 1.3 of SAR Explorer (SARX) is now available for download at

SARX is a suite of custom tools for ground search and rescue search planning and management that is built upon ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop Explorer and designed to quickly plan and execute a search for a lost subject.

While most of you will not care about the SAR nature of the program, you may be interested in some of the Addins that I have built for SARX such as:

Addins to upload tracks and waypoints and download tracks and waypoints to ANY Garmin GPS without having to change any configuration settings. The tracks and waypoints imported using these addins also preserve datestamps for all of the data

An addin that allows you to print to multiple pages or print to scale by simply selecting the area on the map you wish to print. The doc window of the addin also show a print preview that exactly mirrors how your print job, including page orientation, number of pages, and page margins

A project points tool that can project a line or grid of points

A measure angle tool that can measure the angle between any two point notes you have selected on the map or any points simply clicked on the map

Note that the installation of SARX puts a new AGX configuration into place (which you can't refuse) and offers the option to change the default map template (which you can refuse). If you are already using a custom configuration for your AGX, you may want to install SARX on a different machine so that you don't muck up your existing configuration.

That's it! If you have any questions, post them here, or contact me via email at norman _at_ or you can contact me through the contact page on the SAR Explorer website.



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