Plotting different fields in the same point

06-12-2015 12:00 AM
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Hello everyone,

I would like to ask some information about the plotting of different fields in the same point.

In particular, I have added a table in ArcGIS workspace like this:

Station     X     Y     Attribute1     Attribute2     Attribute3     Attribute4

I have plotted the points with their X, Y coordinates. What I would like to do is to plot the attributes 1 to 4 to the plotted points with circles, but with different size and color. Is there any way I could do this ?

Best regards

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Hi Dimitris,

Do you have  ArcMap?

You might like to add 04 different layers out of the feature class. Then you can classify/symbolize each one of them based on different attributes.

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One way is to add have four copies of the data added to the data frame. You can then choose four different symbology types based on the different attribute fields. I believe this can be done in Explorer as well as ArcMap.

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Yes, you can do it...There are two ways!

The first way by creating more layers is  the easiest and the fastest way to do it!

The second method is to use Multiples Attributes (Quantity by category) in the Symbology Tab in properties.

However, you need to choose fields with numeric values only...does not work with Text field (category)...

Best Luck!

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