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02-20-2014 01:46 PM
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Hi, can anybody tell me how to access the ArcGIS Explorer AddIns, such as the Query Plus tool? I cannot find them and the links in tell me I do not have access (even while logged in). Are they gone/restricted in some way?

The ArcGIS Explorer Desktop and Labs areas have mainly basemaps, I am looking for tools to extend the functionality, such as a select feature and buffer, or export selection to pdf/csv, or even a better print function. Is the only option to write my own now? Anyone want to share what they have made? I have a couple of basic tools that I wrote long ago
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I am not sure what is going on with the groups, but you can find Explorer add ins by typing 

type:"explorer add in"

in the search box.

This URL is a copy of that search, that you can use for convenience.

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by Anonymous User
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Seems all traces of Explorer Add-ins have been removed from ESRI sites. Tried searched and can't find anything. Found an old group and was denied access.

Where are we supposed to find simple add-ins for explorer desktop when ESRI's removed them all? Or at least made it really hard to find..........

Update: Finding a post from 2011, found that searching with '.eaz' brings up Explorer addins. Really? Can't there just be a simple place to go to find add-ins? Still disappointed that I can't find the 'Find' add-in to search layers in the map. Really hard explaining to people that Find and Search within the program don't actually Find or Search anything relevent within the map, only online stuff.
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I have attached a copy of the QueryPlus Add-in to this message.
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