Migrating Sideloaded MMPKs from Explorer Android 18.1.0 to 20.1.0

03-05-2020 12:20 PM
Esri Contributor
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If you had sideloaded MMPKs in the previous version of Explorer on Android, you probably noticed that they are no longer appearing in your list of maps after updating to the new version. Don't worry! They haven't disappeared, they just need to be moved to a new location on your device's storage. With the new release of Explorer for ArcGIS version 20.1.0 on Android we had to change the location for sideloaded content due to some restriction changes coming in Android. Here’s a quick rundown for where the sideloaded MMPKs and basemaps need to go.


The sideload locations are created on initial launch and can be found by looking in the apps directory at each storage location – this could be the internal primary storage OR an SD card (see below for example). So if you launch Explorer on a device with an SD card, you should see the folders below get created where you can sideload the data:


/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.esri.explorer/files/ (Android primary storage)

  • basemaps (sideloaded basemaps)
    • redlands.tpk (sideloaded basemap)
  • mappackages (sideloaded mmpks)
    • RedlandsHydrants.mmpk (sideloaded map)
  • Named_user@ORGID (user download location)

For devices that had data in the old location, you can either re-sideload the content or you can use the file manager app on the device to move the MMPKs to the new location. Note: if the files are copied while the app is open you’ll likely have to refresh the Browse Maps view for the maps to appear.

Leave a comment below or email Explorer4arcgis@esri.com if you have any questions or problems getting your MMPKs to appear and we hope you're enjoying all the new features in version 20.1.0!