Issue with List Widget Trigger Zoom To

01-10-2021 06:59 PM
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Hi, I am a developer of a COVID-19 Dashboard.
I am currently encountering a issue with List widget in Experience Builder.

I have a List and a Map in my dashboard. When I set the trigger Zoom to, it is expected to zoom into the points on my map. However, it cannot not zoom into the features on the map when I clicking the record in the list, it is just "pan to" the point.

The following URL is the example, it is on production:

COVID-19 Dashboard Quarantine Centres & Hotels 

After further investigation, I found the issue may be related to coordinate system. My dataset is using Projected Coordinate System: Hong Kong 1980 Grid. When I republish the dataset using Geographic Coordinate System: GCS WGS 1984, the trigger zoom to works fine...

Could anyone help me? As I don't want to republished the data using Geographic Coordinate System.. As this will seriously affect daily data updating processes...

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Hi Yvonne,

I can reproduce this and have logged this as an issue. 


Thank you,